Academic Goal

Our Academic Goal at Redland Middle School is to insure that all students receive a quality education and that our teachers are given the resources they need to make it possible.We will achieve this goal by implementing three academic initiatives:

Professional Development

  • All teachers will be provided with appropriate training. Workshops will be held to enhance professional development and lessons will be modeled in the classroom.
  • All teachers will be supplied with resources needed to supplement education.
  • Curriculum mapping will be used as a guideline to promote educational excellence and individual achievement.
  • Administrators will be responsible for conducting follow-ups on all teachers to make sure that they have all the necessary resources.
  • Administrators will closely supervise all instructional activities to ensure compliance with standards.


Students will be working closely with technology through programs such as:

  • Accelerated Reader, A+ Learning, Read 180, Edusoft, and Soar to Success.
  • Technology will allow staff to monitor the progress of students and support students in strengthening their reading and math skills.